Heat Resistant A4 Sublimation Transfer Paper For T-Shirts

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Chris
Model Number: CH-SubP
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 packs
Price: 1.5 USD-2 USD per pack (100 sheets/pack)
Packaging Details: 10/20/50/100 sheets per bag
Delivery Time: whinth 15-50 days (depends on order quanlity)
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 30 tons per day
Detail Information
Material Type: Paper Transfer Rate: 97%
Type: Sublimation Transfer Color: White Color (back: Blue/pink)
Printer: Sublimation Printer/Inkjet Printer Weight: 100gsm
Suitable: Hard Surface And Also Fabric Ink: Sublimation Ink
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A4 sublimation transfer paper


heat resistant a4 sublimation paper


A4 dye sublimation paper

Product Description

Dye Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper A4 A3 For T-Shirts, Mugs, Slates, Plates, Puzzles, MDF Products



Chris sublimation paper is specially developed for high-speed ink-jet printing. It is suitable for high - speed inkjet printing and printing ink drying quickly. After printing , it can have a long shelf life, and can reflect perfect lines and printing details, the transfer rate can reach 95%. High quality base paper and coating have good uniformity and smoothness.


What is sublimation paper ?

In short , sublimation is a heat transfer that is commonly used in T - shirts and clothing, but it can also be applied to many other substrates.This is one of the best ways to design a T - shirt in multiple colors. It's very different from products like thermal transfer vinyl, because you can print more complex , detailed , colorful images. The dye sublimation process begins by printing patterns ( using sublimation inks ) on transfer paper. The design is then applied to the substrate using a hot press.


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The term ‘ sublimation ’ refers to the chemical process that occurs when something turns from a solid state into a gas, without first becoming a liquid. A common example is dry ice, which changes from a solid to a gas at temperatures of −109.3 °F.


Therefore, in dye sublimation, the '' solid '' inks on the transfer paper are converted to gas and transferred to your substrate. This happens when heat and pressure is applied over time ( with a heat press ).


Let's DIY mug!


Design the image you want in the software

Print the image on sublimation transfer paper with mirror image.

Transfer the image on mugs with correct time, temp, and pressure.

Peel off the paper after transferring.

Make your own mug!


What can you sublimate?

Sublimation inks can only be combined with synthetic fiber and coating. For garments, this means polyester, while other blanks used for sublimation are polymer coated products. Dark substrate is not suitable for sublimation ink.


Cotton T-shirts cannot be used for sublimation, and fabrics really need to be at least 80% polyester (some nylons are also suitable) for a vibrant transfer.


Here is an idea of what you can print on with sublimation transfers:

Sublimation paper can be used for Polyester fabrics, mugs, cushion covers, phone cases, slates, keychains, plates and other ceramic products.


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How to use sublimation paper?


Put sublimation transfer paper in the center
1. Stick the center of the pattern on the shirt with heat-resistant tape.You can measure either side of the transfer with a ruler to make sure it is centered.
2. Place a piece of paper or kraft paper over the design.It should completely cover the area to be compressed.
3. This will protect the T-shirt from burning during transmission and prevent the hot press from getting any ink.

Thermal media transfer
1. Press the sublimation transfer paper at 205 ° C (400 ° F) for 25-30 seconds under medium pressure.Check again that all the designs are under the hot press.
2. Ensure that the transfer table does not move during this process as it may cause double shadow.As soon as the time is up, remove the hot press.

Remove transfer
1. After cooling the sublimation transfer paper, remove the tape and remove the paper to reveal the pattern.Remove the transfer plate in a fluid motion to prevent design ghosting.
2. Enjoy your energy - lasting results!


Tips for BEST effect:


The Sublimation paper MUST be printed with the sublimation Ink.

It can be used to transfer polyester fabric, coating ceramic, iron plant and wood. It is NOT suitable to transfer the dark garments, etc.

Do keep the surface of the object clear.


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Default Packing: 


A4*100 sheets/pack*30 packs/ctn


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