Anti Oxidation CYMK Color 70ML Art Pigment Ink

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Proink
Model Number: CH-RI
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 pieces/ctn
Price: 0.43 USD - 16 USD/bottle
Packaging Details: 100 pcs/ctn( customized is acceptable)
Delivery Time: within 7-45 days (based on order quantity)
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 30 tons per day
Detail Information
Type: Water Based Ink Printing Type: Digital Printing
Suitable Printer: Any Inkjet Printer Quality: 98% Same Quality As Original
Application: Office Document And Photo Printing Volume: 70/100/127/500ml/1L
High Light:

70ML art pigment ink


CYMK color water based dye ink


70ML textile pigment ink

Product Description

Inkjet Refill Dye Ink For Epson / HP / Canon / Brother (CYMK)


Proink desktop refill ink are designed for different refillable desktop printers and cartridges.It provides customers with low cost, and printer reliable ink choices ideal for use to supplement desktop printer cartridges.Our refill inks are compatible with HP, Epson, Canon, Brother and other desktop printers.



Be made by premium raw materials;

Perfect color performance, get closed the orignal refill ink;

Wide media compatibility;

Excellent resistance to water, light, scrape and oxidation;

Good ability even after freezing test and quick aging test;



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Anti Oxidation CYMK Color 70ML Art Pigment Ink 1


Pigment Ink

Pigment is a kind of insoluble granular coloring material;Ink particles stay on the surface of the paper.Because of the insolubility of water, vagueness can be reduced even in wet conditions.In addition, the color is stable immediately after printing and relatively insensitive to environmental factors;The storage stability of printed materials is excellent.However, care needs to be taken when printing on smooth paper, as the ink may fall off if scratched.


Dye Ink

Dye is a kind of water-soluble coloring material.The ink soaked into the paper with the water from the ink.Ink on the paper will not leave a rough feeling, printing effect will be more vivid than pigment ink.However, depending on the paper used, when the paper is wet, the ink that seeps into the paper may mix with the water, resulting in a blur.



This dye ink for epson printing can be used in the following field:

1. Widely use for office document & paper printing, indoor photo printing.

2. Window display, art copy, photo print, propaganda album etc.


Anti Oxidation CYMK Color 70ML Art Pigment Ink 2Anti Oxidation CYMK Color 70ML Art Pigment Ink 3


Sublimation Ink

Printers that use sublimation ink are called dye sublimation printers or dye subs. They were originally meant to print proofs of full-scale and not the final products. However, today, they are used for the latter as well.

The pros:

  • They produce very bright prints.
  • The ink lasts longer than many other dyes.
  • They use CYMO or Cyan Yellow Magenta Overcoating, removing the need for black ink. Thanks to this, the prints are resistant to UV damage, moisture, and air.
  • They are water-proof and can withstand washing as well.

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High quality Proink


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Anti Oxidation CYMK Color 70ML Art Pigment Ink 7



Which is Better?

The answer is that neither is better for every situation.If you are a photographer who wants to sell your photos and want them to be used by your clients for as long as possible, color inks may be the best option.If you're a toner enthusiast with a limited budget and you have digital backups that allow you to reprint in the event of problems such as fading and staining, you might prefer the cheaper dye inks.It is also important to remember that as both technologies improve, their disadvantages become less obvious.By weighing the pros and cons, as well as budget and other requirements, you can more intelligently decide which type of printer is best for you.If you want sublimation, you should obviously use sublimation inks, but if fade resistance and long life are your main requirements, pigment inks are the best choice.


Packaging Details
Bottle in poly bag and then into carton with wooden case

  • 100ml 100pcs/carton
  • 250ml 40pcs/carton
  • 500ml 20pcs/carton
  • 1L 20pcs/carton

Anti Oxidation CYMK Color 70ML Art Pigment Ink 8

Anti Oxidation CYMK Color 70ML Art Pigment Ink 9


Anti Oxidation CYMK Color 70ML Art Pigment Ink 10

OEM service


How to Change the Ink in a Epson Printer

Step 1

First, you should make sure you get the right ink refill.

Step 2

Go to your My Computer icon on your desktop, click Change Settings, click Printer and Fax, and then right click on your Epson printer.Go to properties, and then maintenance.

Step 3

Next, click fill or change cartridge.It will then replace the printer's ink with the printer's ink.Open the lid and take out the old ink cartridge.

Step 4
Take the tape off of the new ink cartridge, and snap it into place with the matching color. Close the cover, and push the button on the printer that is blinking. It will take a minute, but should move the ink back into position.

Step 5
On the computer screen, follow the on screen directions. You can then click finish.

Contact Details
Claire Chan

Phone Number : 86-13823468910

WhatsApp : +8613823468910