220V YT 320 Plastic Sealing Machine For Photo

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Master
Model Number: Master - 320
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 ctn ( 4 pieces )
Price: Negotiable / 26 USD / piece
Packaging Details: Shrink film+foam+carton
Delivery Time: 7-15 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 30 tons per day
Detail Information
Type: Master YT320 Weight: 8Kg
Temperature: 100-160℃ Power Supply: 220V/110V
Size: A3 Power: 560W
High Light:

YT 320 plastic sealing machine


220V plastic packing machine


560W automatic sealing machine

Product Description

Master A3 A4 A5 Automatic Office Hot Laminator/ Cold Mounting Machine For Document Photo Packaging Plastic Film


YT - 320 Plastic Sealing Hot And Cold Mounting Machine For Document Photo


Master brand plastic sealing machine

with beautiful appearance, simple and convenient operation, rapid preheating, uniform temperature, stable temperature control, glue stick compact design, so that the effect of plastic sealing neat. After sealing plastic materials can be waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-alteration, anti-breakage, dust damage and other effects, and beautiful firm, fadeless, easy to preserve for a long time. The main application for name card, certificate, card, image and many other fields of plastic, such as photos over plastic, drawings plastic seal, free lamination card composite, golden eagle laser plate production, and so on. Generally applicable to card ( such as : ID card, temporary residence card, work card, membership card, student card, driving card, monthly pass, name card, business license, etc.), photos ( black and white photos, color photos, art photos, etc. ).
The machine has power switch, reverse switch, heating switch, power indicator light ( red ) thermostat indicator light ( green ) temperature setting knob. Electronic temperature control, cots heat transfer, domestic imported cards can be used, temperature adjustable, reversing and cold mounting function.


Features (Type: YT320) :

  • Economy in electricity: infrared radiation heating, sppedy preheating for only three minutes.
  • Accuracy: constant temperature by integrated circuit to enable accurate temperature selection.
  • Dependability: fitted with rewinding switch to make it safer.
  • Cold mounting: turn the switch to "Cold Mounting", just take off the upper cover to operate.

220V YT 320 Plastic Sealing Machine For Photo 0
220V YT 320 Plastic Sealing Machine For Photo 1
"Three fast" : 
fast preheating (three minutes preheating), fast sealing speed, fast heat dissipation.
◆ Simple and clear operation panel, no technical requirements, simple and fast operation.
◆ Environmental protection, energy saving, low noise.
◆ The machine case is painted iron shell, streamlined appearance and fashionable color, is a good choice to beautify the office and home environment.

This machine is widely used to envelop ID cards, office documents, photos and documentary cards. The cards packaged can resist against water, alteration pollution, improve their strength and appearance and extend their storage life.


Type 160 260 320 330 460
Plastic packaging speed   650mm/min
Plastic packaging width ≤160mm ≤260mm ≤320mm ≤330mm ≤460mm
Plastic packaging thickness ≤1mm
Plastic packaging temperature 100-160℃
Power supply AC 220V 50Hz , AC 110V 60Hz (Optional)
Power 300w 480w 560w 560w 700w






Weight 5Kg 7.5Kg 8Kg 8Kg 13Kg

220V YT 320 Plastic Sealing Machine For Photo 2
Unit cinfiguration:

This machine is composed of mains switch, motor switch, heating switch, power indicator light, temperature control indicator light, temperature regulating knob, feeding plate, discharge plate, upper cover and machine casing.

1. Preparations:
 Turn on mains switch and the power indicator light will be lightened. Turn the motor switch to "Inlet". And turn on the heating switch, the heating element will begin heating and temperature will go up. The mains switch, motor switch and heating switch are interlocked. Only turn on the mains switch first, the motor switch and heating switch can be powered. Once the temperature goes up to preset value, temperature control indicator light will be on. Wait for about 2 minutes and the temperature will be stabilized. Here, you may begin the work of packaging.
In the process of work, temperature control indicator light will flash on and off to mean the swichover of heating and stop heating of the constant temperature system in machine. This is normal condition, but not to mean that there are problems to machine.
2. Packaging:
Put a piece of paper or card into the special card protective film, and place the end of the card protective film that has already been sealed in the front, and then insert into the machine, as instructed on the cover of this manual. If you put another end or the two sides in the front, there could be rumpled or the card protective film could be wound onto the rubber roller, or even jamming produced.
If the card is jammed, turn the motor switch immediately to "Rewind", the motor will run in reverse, and the card will rewind automatically. When inserting the card protective film into the machine, make sure to place it in the two lines of the feeding plate. Thus, the whole process is completed. A nice card will be truned out from the discharge plate in the back.
3. Temperature control
There is a temperaure control knob on the switch panel. The optimal working temperature varies from different materials of card protective film, different materials of cards, and different room temperatures.
If the image of card is unclear, that may be for the reason of temperature being too low. Increase the temperature by 5℃, and insert the card protective film once again. Do in this way till a clear plastic packaged card is turned out. Contrarily, if the temperature is too high, it may cause the card protective film ripped. Here, lower the temperature to make it suitable.
If the optimal working temperature is not sure, it may be set to 100℃ first. And adjust according to the packaging effect. Don't set it to high temperature above 140℃ at the very beginning, as this may cause the card protective film shrinking in the machine and there may be smoke produced.
4. Stop
Turn off the heating switch. After 8-10 minutes of running, turn off the mains switch. This can be good to the heat radiation and maintenance of the machine.
5. Card protective film  
 The length and width of film shall be 5-6mm larger than the paper sheet inside.

1. This machine is an electrical product, and it cannot be directly sprayed with water.
2. Before repair, pull out the mains plug first.
3. Don't use gasoline, diluent and metal blade.
4. Clean away the dust on machine by a soft cloth. If the dust is very thick, clean it away by neutral soap or cleaning agent.
5. Fill in high temperature resistant light lubricating oil regularly to the rubber roll and shafi sleeve.
Attention remarks

1. Placement
Plastic packaging machine shall be placed in dry and clean condtions, but not close to the outlet of cooling equipment.
2. Machine operation
Don't spray water onto the machine.
When the machine is heating, don't place any objet on its upper cover and casing.
3. Sealing material
What is to be packaged in the card protective film can only be paper and card, total thickness not greater than 1mm. Don't insert any inflammbale material (such as celluloid) and wasily softened material (such as PVC and polythene) into the machine, as they can be melt down in the machine and product smoke.

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